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The Full Story



When Shawn was in high school (he went to Oakville High School for those of you in St. Louis who are dying to know), he started a computer software company making word and data processing software for a desktop computer no one had ever heard of, the Apple IIe. From there, he bought one of the first personal computers and later one of the first laser printers when no one knew what they were (imagine that). Shawn grew the company, sold his share and moved to an emerging graphics services provider, The Composing Room.


Shawn helped lead several transitions in his time at the Composing Room, from being a typesetter, to a service bureau, to a film separator, to eventually grand-format and digital printing. They had the first large format inkjet printer in St. Louis and were on the cutting edge of greatness. Shawn saw a niche in the events and trade show business, bought his own display set, printed on it & hit the road helping businesses showcase their products and services with beautiful pop-up displays and show booths.

Shawn is now the VP of of Displays and Graphics at Swift Print Communications in the grand format department. If you check out Shawn's LinkedIn profile, you won't have to scroll very far to see he's passionate about his work, his clients and creating one-of-a-kind works of art.


When Shawn met Rita, she was finishing up her degree in Accounting at St. Louis University and studying to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She worked in public accounting, and then decided to start a family of three kiddos. From there, Rita transformed into a superhero mom and started her own private accounting practice helping small businesses with accounting, strategy and financial planning. Her skills kept many businesses afloat during the 2020 shutdowns and gave hope to entrepreneurs when they felt all hope was lost. Never underestimate the power of a good CPA. They always have your back, and your books.



Our mission is simple. We just want to brighten the world, one blank wall at a time.


To bring a completely new graphic expression technology to graphic designers, architects, interior designers, display professionals and literally anyone who owns a wall.

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